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Kooky Spooky. The name may ring a bell, but just what are they? Well, back in 1968 a company called Hasbro (famous for its GI Joe line) ventured into the realm of horror by releasing a set of rubber finger puppets shaped like ghosts. Each came with an odd accessory such as a guitar or an umbrella. All together there were 6 ghosts. Each came on a card designed to look like a haunted house.They glowed in the dark as well. There isn't much information out there about Kooky Spookies. I've never seen them in an collector's guidebook or on a website until I stumbled on them at Ray Castile's Gallery of Monster Toys site.

Well, on to the fun part. I've posted some pics of the Kooky Spookys carded and loose to give you a good view of what they looked like. As I collect more information on them, I'll post it to this site. If you have a Kooky Spooky or a story about Kooky Spookys or any kind of information about them, please write me at the link provided and I'll add it to the site (with your permission of course). And if you have any for sale, PLEASE write me! ;-)

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Kooky Spooky Haunted House Playset
(Updated: March 22nd, 2007 - New pics!)

Grandma Macreak

Mama Kaskit

Daddy Booregard

Brother Mortimer
(Updated: March 22nd, 2007 - New pics!)

Teena Terror

Baby Spook'Em

Card Back
(Updated: March 22nd, 2007 - Better pic!)


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(Updated: March 22nd, 2007 - Screen caps added!)

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